10 Breeds That Make Good Therapy Dogs

Because of their unwavering devotion to their masters, dogs have earned the title of “man’s best friend.” It is common knowledge that dogs are the most trustworthy animals that inhabit the earth. Dogs have shown that they are capable of doing a range of activities that go beyond being a pet or a guard, such as assisting the military and police agencies, as well as giving emotional support to individuals who have disabilities. But what kinds of dogs make the ideal candidates for the role of therapy dog?

It is possible to train dogs to become therapy dogs, but there are several kinds of dogs that are more suited to this work than others. Because of their placid demeanour, kind nature, and tranquil demeanour, these breeds are often excellent companions.
Therefore, without further ado, the following is a list of dog breeds that have the potential to be effective service dogs:

Golden Retriever

These dogs are beautiful, majestic, incredibly clever, and eager to please anyone. They are always polite and gentle in nature and seem to know how people around them are feeling.

All these traits of a golden retriever qualify it to be the perfect candidate as a good therapy dog. People battling depression can feel great with their cheerful personality and behaviour. Their adoring nature is the key factor for why they are often used as therapy dogs.

Apart from their gentle conduct and smartness, golden retrievers have the ability to adapt very well to new situations. That is why they are easy to train.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are another commonly used therapy dog. They are extremely energetic and very friendly with not only their owner but also with other people and animals. This makes them perfect to be a part of a family and as a therapy assistant too.

Due to their great fetching capability and loyal companionship, Lab retrievers are great when taken in crowded or populated areas as they don’t give into aggression and remain polite always. These beneficial characteristics make them smart and easily trainable to become therapy dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkies is one of the most popular breeds of therapy dogs. You will usually see Yorkies in hospitals helping patients cheer and brighten their moods. They are so adorable, cute, and fluffy that one simply can’t take their eyes off them.

The miniature Yorkshire Terrier is often chosen over other dog breeds not just because of their size, but for more practical reasons. They can be taken anywhere easily, require minimum exercise compared to much larger dog breeds, and they can be trained easily.

This makes them ideal for a therapy dog. Also, only little grooming is required as there is not much shedding other than normal hair loss. Their loyalty and boldness makes them a popular choice among most canine lovers.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are considered the most versatile of all the dog breeds. They are so smart and active that they can easily achieve the title of service dogs, guard dogs and as it turns out, they are excellent therapy dogs. Loyal, obedient, and faithful are some traits that make them a perfect match for guiding or providing emotional support.

A dog lover must know that German Shepherds can be trained very easily as they are incredibly intelligent. They understand things quickly and in no time become great therapy dogs. Their adaptability makes them perfect for therapy programs that include working with multiple people seeking help.

German Shepherds are commonly used for bomb and narcotics detection by police, search and rescue operations and of course as great companions. There is nothing they can’t do to serve or help humans.


Another small-sized but cute-looking dog breed is Chihuahua. These dogs can either be used as emotional support dogs or can become companion dogs or service dogs who can be of great help to their owners. This breed is also very popular among all other famous breeds. They have a unique look and it is always fun to have them around.

Due to their small physique, they make for great travel companions who can go anywhere, settle in any place and be friendly and cute. They show great intelligence when needed and are very alert with things going on around them. Another characteristic that makes them an amazing therapy dog is their petite stature which allows them to be petted in hospitals.


Corgis are one of the calmest and cool-tempered dogs, are extremely obedient, and adapt to things very quickly and smartly. Befriending comes naturally to them as they warm up to people very quickly. This breed is great for both comfort and security.

Corgi’s kind and persistent behavior make them one of the best breeds of therapy dogs. They provide therapy to those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or loss by being sympathetic and concerned about them. They are great at working with deaf and diabetic patients. Corgis are the complete package – they are cute, hard-working and smart too.

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While there are so many cute dog breeds, Pomeranians are certainly one of the cutest on the list. With their small stature and fluffy coat, they also fall in the category of lapdogs. They are very lovable and adoring and anyone can easily befriend them.

They are best known for the emotional support that they can offer. They are a popular choice among elder people or those who seek companionship. Because of their intelligence, they can be trained to be the ears of people with a hearing disability.


Collies can also be a great choice as a therapy dog because they are easy to train and extremely smart. They seek love and attention from you as much as you will need from them. The bond they share with their owner cannot be broken easily.

Collies are very energetic and hyperactive and are known to go out of their way to help you. As service dogs, they can tag along almost everywhere, but don’t leave them alone as they need someone to be with them. They are quite vocal and can be used as guides or medical alert dogs.


Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs and are often considered entertaining because of their athletic skills. This dog breed falls in the category of one of the smartest breeds of all time. With an impressive combination of intelligence and trainability, they are among the best breeds who can do well working as therapy dogs.

One of the major advantages of having a poodle as a therapy dog is they can help children who might have learning difficulties. Another trait which makes a poodle unique from other breeds is that they are hypoallergenic. Hence they are the best bet for people who suffer from allergies.


Another breed that is often included in the list of best therapy dogs is the pug. This canine loves getting attention from people and other animals. Most dog lovers would definitely find these dogs as a source of joy and entertainment in any situation.

Pugs are cheerful and curious, and are also known to be even-tempered which makes them predictable and trainable. The facial structures of these dogs make them snort and snore most of the time. Thus, these individualities make them the best choice to be trained as therapy dogs.

You can always count on your four-legged buddy for unwavering love and companionship that’s free of any judgment. But some people need their pup to do just a little bit more and signing up for the help of a therapy dog might just be the answer!

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