10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Here are ten interesting facts about dogs you probably never knew!


When at rest, the heart of a large breed dog beats between 60 and 100 times per minute, while the heart of a small breed dog beats between 100 and 140 times per minute. In comparison, the average human heart beats between 60 to 100 times per minute while it is at rest. If you were anxious or furious before, petting your pet will help you feel more relaxed and bring your stress levels down, which will result in your heart rate returning to normal.

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A Wagging Tail Does Not Always Mean They Are Happy To See You.

The wagging of the tail has its own unique language. If their tail is wagging slightly to the right, it indicates that they are very joyful, and if it is wagging somewhat more to the left, it indicates that they are afraid. A low, wagging tail is a sign of insecurity. The quick wag paired with other warning signals such as bared fangs and raised fur is the one you need to keep an eye out for in this situation. This indicates that you should run away since the dog is hostile, even while its tail is wagging! This is a problem that can be solved without the assistance of a dog whisperer at all!

Dogs Can Fall In Love

Their brains release love hormones same as humans. But they see putting a paw on each other as a sign of dominance, not the way we put an arm around each other for a hug. They rather lick and rub off each other to show affection.

Geographic US Doggy Facts

The US has the highest amount of dogs followed by France.  City dogs live longer than farm dogs and an estimated 1 million dogs in the US have been named in their owner’s will as beneficiaries.  The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed and obesity is the number one health problem.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to know when they have to be on duty. They are trained that when their harness is on, they know it’s working time. When you take it off, they know work is over and will immediately become playful and energetic. They are also trained to go to the toilet on command.  Each owner will have a special word to use for their dog and when they use it, their dog will immediately go toilet.

Wet Noses Mean More Than Health

It’s true that when a dog’s nose is soft and moist it means that they are in good health.  But the reason why it needs to be wet is not to keep it from cracking no.  It is to help determine from which direction a smell is coming.

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Spiked Dog Collars Are Not Just Accessories

We all know that spike dog collars are for man dogs like Staffordshire terriers and bulldogs right?  The spiked collars actually originate from the ancient Greeks who used the spikes to protect their dog’s necks from bear attacks.  Clever or what?!

Leaving A Signature

Dogs excrete perfume through their anal glands when they poo which lets other dogs know who the territory belongs.  After excreting they will also kick the grass or ground with their back paws looking like a car that takes off with a spin.  Dogs have scent glands on their paws which they use to further mark their territory. Done and dusted?

Dog vs Human

Dogs have 13 blood types while humans only have 4.  Dogs and humans have prostrates.  A dog’s sense of smell is 10 000 times stronger than a human’s. Humans and dogs are the only two species known to look for visual cues from each other by looking into each other’s eyes.

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Famous Through History

The Nazis tried to teach dogs to speak and read.  Dogs were used in WW2 as messengers, carrying commands and notices to the frontline in a capsule tied to their bodies. Lincoln’s dog was assassinated. 3 dogs survived the sinking of the titanic.

Dogs are well known for being man’s best friend. They’re loyal, friendly and protective. No one knows exactly how long people and dogs have been working together but for hundreds of years, we’ve bred dogs for specific purposes and trained them to be magnificent pets.

Throughout our history with the canine breed, there have been some dogs in particular that are noted for their bravery, loyalty and courageousness. Below are three examples of some of these famous dogs who have made their way into history.

  • Hachiko

An Akit Inu breed, Hachiko was born on a Japanese farm. Later he was adopted by an agricultural professor who worked at the University of Tokyo. For over a year Hachiko would meet the professor at the train station and would accompany him on his walk home until a fateful day in May when the professor suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died.

Hachiko was given away to a new family yet continued to escape and wait at the train station for the professor to return each day. This continued for over nine years with Hachiko showing up at the station every day waiting for the train and the professor to arrive. Hachiko died in 1934 shortly after one of the professor’s students published several articles about Hachiko’s loyalty which made the dog a national sensation.

  • Rags

A mixed-breed terrier, Rags (or Lieutenant Colonel Rags) fought alongside the U.S. 1st infantry division. He was originally brought on board by Private James Donovan after he found the dog in Paris and he returned to duty bringing the dog as the “division mascot”. Rags, however soon took the responsibilities of carrier dogs and delivered many messages and notes across dangerous territory.

Both Rags and Donovan were involved in a lethal gas attack and ended up in the hospital, only Rags survived. The dog became a national hero after being shipped back to the United States and was later buried with military honors.

  • Cairo

As part of the SEAL 6 operation to take down Bin Laden, Cairo is a Belgian Malinois and had gone through extensive guard dog training before the mission in Afghanistan. He entered the military compound with 80 men and although the exact details of the mission are not allowed to be released, it’s been reported that he acted with heroism and bravery for the duration of the mission. It’s believed that Cairo came along to sniff out explosives and flush out Bin Laden.

These are only a few of the famous dogs in history. There are many other heroic stories of personal protection dogs and search and rescue dogs that have saved man’s life more than once. We hope that these stories inspire you to think about “man’s best friend” in a whole new way.

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