10 Reasons Not To Get A Pet Dog

What are the drawbacks of getting a pet? The answer is yes, just like anything else in life, getting a new dog comes with both positives and negatives associated with it.

When you see those puppy eyes looking up at you, the little creature being so small and soft, and the children begging in the background, it is frequently a big magnet. The reality, however, is that if you adopt a pet before you are ready to handle the duties that come along with it, it may have a catastrophic effect on the way your family interacts as a whole.

What are you talking about, you say? It can’t really be that horrible, right? Continue reading and make your own judgement! You need to make sure that you are ready not only for the benefits and the hugs, but also for the drawbacks.


You will have an immediate extra responsibility on your list.  Very much like children, pets rely on you for everything that they need from food to training to exercise.  You cannot just go away without having to plan to take them with or book them in somewhere and you have to walk, feed, bathe, groom and house them.  You will also have plenty of vet visits and bills to look forward to. It is like having a newborn baby for the next fifteen years.


Bringing a pet into your environment when you have not had one before can bring an onset of allergic reactions.  Some people are highly allergic to dog hair and cat hair or even just the dust and dander on their skins. 

Try pet sitting a friend’s dog for at least a week to make sure you do not have any underlying allergies and have to get rid of your pet shortly after acquiring him or her.  Remember that allergies is something that gets worse with every exposure, you do not build up a resistance to it.

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Possible Safety Dangers

When you have small children in the house, an unruly or very active dog can cause scratches.  The little ones can be pushed over and get hurt if the dog is not trained not to jump.  Other types of dogs can be or become temperamental and need to be watched for aggressive behaviour display. 

Another hazard is territorial display over food or toys which a small child will not understand and may end up in the child getting bitten and the dog having to be re-homed or at worst put down. You will need to put a good bit aside for training to make sure everyone in the household, including the pet is safe


You will have to spend money on a monthly basis to buy food and toys and bedding for your pet.  If you keep your pet indoors, toilet mats will have to be added to the bill.  Then there is the routine flea and worm treatments and the annual veterinary bills for checkups and vaccinations.  If your dog gets sick, the expense will be even bigger.  If you have a pet that you do not know how to groom yourself, grooming fees will be added to this.

You may wish to invest in pet insurance which will also add a little bit to make a dent into your budget every month.  Pets are prone to infections of all sorts and the smaller they are the easier they get sick.  You will also need to factor in day care and boarding or kennelling for when you go on holidays, which can be the cost of a holiday itself.



Pets don’t use the toilet and flush it.  They need you to clean up after them.  Well and good if they eventually learn to use the garden but even at that you still will have to pick it up and dispose of it to make sure it does not become a health hazard for your family.  At worst they will struggle to toilet train and will soil and mess in your house – on your carpets, in the kitchen, everywhere! Make sure you are ready for this.

Schedule Disorder

There will be no sleeping late or lying in when you decide to get a puppy.  Puppies want to get up, go toilet (if they haven’t already done it on the floor), be fed, be walked and play.  And they will bark and cry until you do so.  Even if you cover your ears.  If your dog has access to you, they will pounce on you and lick you until you wake up.

Noise Levels

Dogs will make as much noise as they can whenever they want.  Sometimes it is out of excitement, sometimes it is because they want something, sometimes it is out of boredom and sometimes it is because the postman is there.  Dogs bark to communicate, that is their way of talking and letting you know they are happy or sad or angry or bored. 

It is the law as prescribed in the dogs act that you have to make sure the noise levels does not disturb your neighbours. This can happen when you leave your home and your dog goes crazy when you are not there or when they are put outside and kick up a commotion.


Whenever there is a holiday or long weekend and you want to go away you will either have to find a friend or relative that is willing to take good care of your pet, or you will have to pay a boarding kennel and have all the necessary vaccination done, or you will have to take your pet with you.  If you travel you will need a destination that is pet friendly that will be happy to take your pet in. 

This will often cost an extra few bob.  If you travel abroad your pet will need a pet passport which requires extra vaccinations and blood tests.  This can all add up very quickly to stretch your budget.  If you travel with your pet make sure they do not get car sick and if so, will need special medication available from your vet.

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Having a pet in the house can cause hygiene problems.  Apart from the fact that they can have accidents doing their wee or poo on the carpet or floor, they also drag dirt into the house.  All pets shed, some less and some more. 

If you have a short haired breed the shedding will be constant and it will be like snow all over the house anywhere your pet goes.  And if he or she loves your beautiful sofa, it will be full of hair all the time too, which will have you and any of your guests full of hair all the time too. Their water and food bowls may attract rodents, ants and birds.


You will have to be prepared to give up having a great garden if you are going to get a puppy.  Puppies dig and chew.  They have loads of fun digging up plants and shrubs and chewing on it, and dragging it into the house to show you how much fun they are having.

  They do not understand that they are doing wrong.  You will also have to secure your garden to curb any wanderlust. Fencing should have no holes where your dog can escape or get caught up and strangled in.

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