4 Small Dog Breeds To Consider As Pets

What type of dog breed should I get?

Getting a new puppy for the family is always an enjoyable and exciting experience. However, when you buy or adopt a new dog, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of the breed you will be acquiring. It happens over and over again in front of my eyes.

This little Great Dane puppy is just dripping with adorableness! After another 5 months have passed, the dog has gained over a hundred pounds and is able to plainly jump over the fence. You decide to take the dog to the pound, where it is now looking for a new home, and you are angry and feel bad about the situation.

How to avoid this devastating choice is by doing your research BEFORE you get a new dog.

There is an overwhelming quantity of knowledge available both on the internet and in physical book stores. Going to see some breeders is a fantastic way to get an idea of what the breed is like. Before we get started, here are a few questions you should ask yourself: What kind of commitment is expected of me in terms of time spent with this dog?

How much money do I have to afford grooming for this new dog? How much will this dog shed? Will this new dog do well with my children? Please do research on which dog is best for you and your family so we won’t have dogs abandoned in pounds.

When it comes to owning a dog, nothing is easier than taking care of a small breed. There is nothing cuter than having something as small as a Chihuahua or as playful and cute as any kind of terrier.

But with all the breeds of dogs available for you to adopt, it may be difficult to choose just one. And if you really have to just choose one, here are a few of the common and most popular ones that you will probably want to do a little research on.

Australian Terrier

This dog breed is known to be one of the bravest and most confident of all small breed terriers. It is very attentive and is also very friendly. The only problem, perhaps, is that it can either be extremely shy or sometimes be extremely aggressive so it may take a little time to train this breed into doing things that you would like it to do.

Like most other dogs, this breed does not get along with other animals especially if they are male dogs. However, this working terrier is great to have around the house or farm if you have one. Its fur is wiry on the outside and can come in different colors ranging from tan to a solid red.

This terrier loves to run so if you have a big yard then this is the dog to have. Otherwise, you may need to consider something else if you live in an apartment.

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Mini Schnauzer

This type of dog is really easy to train. Very smart and very loving, it can get along with children and is generally okay around other animals and other dogs. Sometimes the dog can be aggressive but only if it feels threatened in the midst of other dogs that may be bigger and more dominating.

However, the Schnauzer is very playful and they love being around their owners almost all of the time. As a result, they can be reserved when they are around other people. It definitely is not the kind of dog that should be left alone at home throughout the day.


Always a favorite around people and children, this breed of dog is fairly easy to train and makes for a great lap dog. Fluffy and cuddly, the Pomeranian is a very pretty dog and looks just as lively as it really is.

Its face is easily comparable to that of a small fox and its ears stand erect, giving this dog a look of intelligence and alertness. If it is overly spoiled, it can become too demanding and may even become nervous if provoked in any way.


Popularized by many a movie, the Pug is one to remember. Its large eyes and stout body make the Pug so lovable and easy to maintain. Although it looks like it hardly has any fur, the pug is actually very soft.

However, these dogs are not easily trained and it would be best to only have them around like lapdogs. They are lively and playful but not very energetic when compared to terrier breeds. They crave attention and can even be jealous of other pets.

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