5 Best Tips To Solve Food Allergies In Dogs

Did you now know that almost 10% of allergies in dogs are food related?

It is quite difficult to diagnose and cure such food allergies. Your dog will feel very miserable in this case. But you don’t need to worry as this article explains all about food allergies and how to solve them.

Some of the main tips discussed in this article to solve food allergy is:

  • Promote protein digestion
  • Hypoallergenic diet
  • Promoting a healthy mucosal barrier
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Getting dog food from exclusive protein sources

What Is A Food Allergy?

It occurs when your beloved dog’s immune system, considers a type of protein dangerous for your dog and then fights off with such kind of protein.

Signs Of Food Allergy In Dogs:

Food allergies usually induce dog vomit. Some other symptoms of food allergies are:

  • Your dog will feel itchy and will reject eating its food in such cases.
  • Its skin will also let you know about the allergy. Mostly it develops dermatitis.
  • Excessive Scratching on skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Watery eyes
  • Hair loss
  • Concurrent ear infection
  • Hot spots


It’s some common causes are:

  • Mostly it is caused by proteins found in milk, fish, and meats
  • Cereals

How To Diagnose Food Allergy Issues In Dogs?

Some of the tips to diagnose it are:

  • Promote Protein Digestion:

You should make sure that your dog should not have any issue while digesting protein.

If you prefer giving a homemade diet to your dog then it is better to grind the protein source in a food processor to ensure complete protein digestion.

For the kibble fed dogs, there is no need to grind the protein. This is because it is already grounded before it’s kibbled.

  • Hypo Allergenic Diet:

First, you need to identify the diet that causes the food allergy in your dog.

Such diets include:

  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Carbohydrates

If you see some improvement in your dog during the hypoallergenic diet then you can return it to a revised diet and confirm the cause of this allergic and reaction.

In this way, you can accurately detect the ingredient that became the cause of food allergy in your dog.

  • Promoting a Healthy Mucosal Barrier:

The mucosal barrier is referred to as the first line of defense of your dog’s body. If it is damaged then your dog will suffer from some serious health issues.

The mucosal barrier consists of many digestive system elements. Some of such elements are responsible for nutrient absorption too.

Some of the things that can damage mucosal barrier are:

  • Food allergy
  • Low stomach acid
  • Chronic infections

If your dog’s mucosal barrier is healthy then it can be quite successful in fighting against the things that cause food allergies and some other such disease to your dog. In this way, it can make your dog healthy and happy.

You can also do this by ensuring that your beloved dog has an adequate nutrient and healthcare.

  • Gastroenteritis:

Gastroenteritis refers to the inflammation in the stomach. This can result in food allergies too.

Preventing it is quite easy. What you need to do is to not to let your dog eat anything except the dog food.

Well, sometime it is a bit harder to deal with it too.

Dogs love eating unnecessary things like grass, dirt, wild berries etc. Thus it is quite difficult to monitor as what goes inside your dog’s stomach.

If you feel that your dog has eaten anything from the garbage then you must feed it a low protein diet such as white rice or a potato. This is done to cure the upset tummy.

If you see that diarrhea continues for almost 72 hours in this case, then you need to consult with your vet immediately.

Try not to treat your dog yourself to cure it. This is because in diarrhea the dog’s body gets rid of bad things. If you try to treat it yourself by giving anything to eat to your dog to stop diarrhea then it results in serious illness too.

  • Getting Dog Food From Exclusive Protein Sources:

I will explain this to you with an example.

If you feed your dog with a food that consists of 5-7 protein sources then later on when your dog develops a food allergy it would be difficult for you to judge as which food caused this food allergy.

But if you give your dog a food that has only one protein source for example chicken then it would be much easier for you to feed your dog the foods that don’t have chicken.

Sometimes the food allergy might be genetic so its cure becomes much difficult in this case.

The only thing you can do in such case is to avoid giving your dog the foods that consist of the food allergy.

Final Words:

Being a dog owner it is quite painful to see your dog suffering from food allergies. Sometimes it becomes much challenging to deal with it. You need not give up in this case. It will surely get better. Proper diagnosis can help your dog have a healthy life ahead.

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