5 Must-Have Items For Dogs

There are a lot of things that you can give your dog but there are just some things that your dogs really need. It’s not good enough just to give them random utilities. These items should be well thought of. Here’s a little run down on items that your dog must have.

1. Leash – A dog can’t be allowed to roam the streets on their own because it might get lost or bite someone it comes across. The dog should be equipped with a leash that would keep it in place. But you can’t have just any leash. The leash that your dog should have should be a comfortable one; comfortable to both owner and pet. It should be made of durable material so that it won’t break easily. It should also have the right length in order to give you and your dog some ease while walking the streets.

2. Dog tag – A dog tag is like an ID for a dog. It usually has the name of the dog and the name, contact number and address of the dog’s owner. Usually, a dog that is found roaming the streets without a dog tag would be caught and brought to the local dog pound. Without a dog tag, there would be no way for anyone to contact you in case you lose your dog.

3. Feeding bowl – The feeding bowl is very vital for your dog. This is because it keeps your dog from sticking its face in other places, looking for food. With a feeding bowl, your dog would always know where it can find food when it becomes hungry. It won’t need to look for food elsewhere like cabinets and in some cases, the refrigerator.

4. Comb – A comb is very important when it comes to dogs, regardless of the length of fur your dog has. If you don’t brush your dog’s fur, then it would shed hair everywhere and since dogs like to lie down on the couch or on the carpet, it would be a real bother to take out the fallen hair. Other than preventing it from getting their hair on furniture or carpets, a comb helps you keep your dog looking good. This is particularly true for dogs with long hair. Constant combing minimizes hair formation which are called “mats” which happens when your dogs hair start to bunch up in a tangled mess.

5. Chew bone – The every friendly chew bone helps your dog strengthen its teeth. This is very helpful with young pups that are teething. These chew bones come in various sizes and shapes which are very appeasing to dogs in both their tastes and scents. Other than helping your dog with their teeth, a chew bone also helps you in so many ways. What ways you ask? Well, having a chew bone would greatly draw your dog’s attention away from your belongings such as magazines, photo albums, sofa corners, and most importantly, shoes. Dogs are very tenacious in chewing high-heels or shoe soles so having a chew bone would help you greatly.

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