7 Must Know When Bathing Long Haired Dogs

In order to keep ourselves clean and get rid of the filth that has built up over the course of the day, it is necessary for humans to take a bath once or twice per day. Bathing is an important part of maintaining good personal hygiene.

It would be difficult to continue with our day-to-day lives if we did not have it since we would not only feel sticky, but we would definitely smell bad. Due to the overwhelming offensiveness of the stink, no one would ever want to go too close to us.

We take a bath every night to prevent anything like this from occurring. When we take a bath, we first use soap to clean our bodies, then shampoo to clean our hair, and finally conditioner to make it smooth and lustrous.

There is a vast selection of bath and body products available on the market. Some of these items are designed to maintain our skin supple and smooth, while others are intended to keep our hair manageable and shining. Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that we experience positive emotions when we are neat and tidy.

Bathing is not only for humans, but for our pets too especially our long haired dogs. These long haired pooches should be bathed about once every five days. But bathing doesn’t mean just simply washing their hair with regular shampoo and casually rinsing it.

There are certain steps that you need to follow while bathing your dog. Here’s a step by step guide on how you should bathe your dog.

  1. Milk Spray – Mist up your dog with some milk spray and be sure to comb your dog thoroughly.
  2. Shampoo – Now when you apply shampoo to your dog, you should check the back of the bottle and look at the concentration of the shampoo. Once you’ve got the concentration level, dilute the shampoo with water and apply thoroughly. It is very important to dilute the shampoo since undiluted shampoo may cause skin problems for your dog. After applying shampoo, rinse thoroughly.
  3. Conditioner – Just like the shampoo, the conditioner should be diluted according to the concentration level. Application of the conditioner should be thorough as well, especially in the lower parts and underparts.
  4. Once you’ve got your dog covered in conditioner, you have to rinse lightly. Don’t wash off all of the conditioners. Make sure that there’s a bit of it left on and gently dry your dog with a towel.
  5. Leave-on Conditioner – Just like the conditioner and shampoo, you have to dilute it with water. Make sure to saturate it on your dog’s hair.
  6. 1st step drying – When doing this, you use a blow-dry that’s set to operate without heat to dry your dog. When doing this, you shouldn’t be combing your dog just yet because it could stretch your dog’s hair which would tend to curl.
  7. Serum – All you need is to use a couple of drops on the newly dried hair and spray up some mist of milk spray on your dog’s hair.
  8. 2nd step drying – This is the same as the 1st step; you set your blower to the option without heat and comb your dog’s hair. This helps you come across any tangles or mats. When you do come across them, you should untangle them without cutting.

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