7 Things To Do With Your Dog

Dogs require the same level of attention and care that one would provide to a child. When it comes to taking care of your dog, the following are some important considerations that you should keep in mind at all times.

1. Feed them. Dogs get hungry too so of course like any other being they will have to eat. Since they can’t cook their own meals, it is your responsibility to fill their bowls with food. As to what you should feed your dog depends on your choice.

Some people believe that feeding their pets dog food is the best option because it is readily available and easy to prepare at the same time. Some people believe that if they share meals with their dogs, it would help them form a stronger bond with them, hence they choose to feed their dogs table scraps instead of dog food.

2. Walk them. People need exercise to keep them healthy; the same thing goes for dogs too. It is not good for your dog’s health to keep them inside the house and not walk them because they might end up having arthritis and other health problems.

Dogs are naturally active and exercise is important to keep them healthy. Walking your dog will help stretch their joints as well as maintain their ideal body weight.

If you are too busy to walk your dog, then you can always hire a professional dog walker to do that for you. Dogs have to walk so that they can relieve themselves like move their bowel and urinate.

3. Bathe them. Dogs go anywhere and they don’t care wherever they end up in. They can end up in the sewers or in the canals and they can get really stinky. Even if you keep your dogs inside your house they will eventually get stinky too.

If people have to bathe everyday to stay clean and fresh, for dogs you will have to bathe them every 3 days or 5 days or at least once a week. You don’t really have to bathe your dog everyday because if you do you will end up ruining their fur.

4. Groom them. This is especially important if you have dogs that have really long hair. Dogs with long hair have to be groomed as often as possible. Grooming doesn’t necessarily mean going to the pet salon. Grooming can simply mean combing your dog’s hair.

For long haired dogs, combing is of high importance because if you don’t, their hair will end up tangled and this can lead to excessive itching to the point that they wound their skin. For dogs with short fur, you can also comb them because other than keeping their fur shiny, it can also serve as a massage helping them relax their muscles.

5. Play with them. Like a child, your dogs also need quality play time. This is another way of helping them exercise. Dogs love to play catch. You can toss a stick and then tell them to pick it and bring it back to you.

This is the most famous game for dogs. You can also run around with your dog or chase them. Dogs love running so let them run.

6. Talk to them. Dogs may look like they don’t understand, but they do. So once in a while talk to them. In fact, you can talk to them about anything and you will surely notice that they will sit close to you and listen.

When you talk to them, tell them how you love them or tell them to be good and not chew on anything because eventually they will understand what you mean.

7. Tummy Rubs. Do not forget this because they like it when you rub their tummy. This is one way to show affection to your pet dog.

Dogs may be just animals but they can always perk up your rather boring life. It is essential to take care of your dogs because by taking good care of them you will surely lengthen their lifespan.

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