A Basic Guide To Care For Your Guinea Pig In 2021 | Knowledge For Keeping Pets

The Guinea Pigs or Guinea are beautiful pets for the smallest family, and the truth is that he is a very tender and simple pet to care for.

It is an animal that has become accustomed to living among people and its greatest characteristic is that it has almost no tail. It belongs to the family of rodents and, unlike some of its relatives; it has no problems with its diet. Compared to other rodents, its reproduction is less orderly, that is to say, that which is usually a species that reproduces much more than other rodents.

We consider that Cuyo is the ideal pet for your home and the smallest of the family because they are tame animals. They do not usually bite and they are highly domesticable.

The one that usually reaches in adulthood from 20 to 25 centimeters and its weight varies from 0.5Kg to 1.5Kg. Ideally we recommend having the Cuyo in a wide place, as spacious as possible. Their life expectancy varies from 4 to 6 years, although depending on the quality of life that we offer, it can reach up to 10 years. 

Some of its most striking features are its combined colors that vary between two or three colors.

These friendly animals are ideal for the youngest of the family since they also coexist perfectly with other animals such as rabbits, and if their habitat is large they can even live with dogs and cats.

It is recommended that the Cuyo be in a cage until it reaches its greatest measure and then move it to a wider place in which it finds greater freedom. Ideally the cage should be in a place that is from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. You must have a drinker and it is important that you place chips at the base of your cage.

Regarding their diet, like other rodents, the Cuyos are herbivores, so they eat fruit, vegetables with a capacity to feed that varies from 40% to 50% of their body weight. Likewise you can find food for which they benefit their health naturally.

It is important that you bear in mind that you cannot feed your baby whose food is for Hamsters or Rabbits since they can alter their digestive system producing later disorders, and to you a big headache. 

This little animal is friendly and very manageable, he loves that you play and that you pamper him.

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