Adopt A Puppy: How To Get Prepared?

That’s it, it’s decided, and you’ll adopt a puppy. A decision that will bring you a lot of happiness provided you do it right. Here are some tips to prepare you to welcome your little companion.

Adopt a puppy that cannot be improvised. Once the decision is made in consensus with the whole family, you will need some essential accessories to fulfill your new role as master.

Necklace And Leash

Obviously you will need a necklace and a leash with a pendant indicating your name, address and phone number in case your pet goes astray and is found by someone.

Bowls And Basket

You will also need stainless steel or ceramic bowls with a ballasted bottom so that they are not spilled too easily. Two for water and two for food so you can use some when you wash others. 

Plastic bowls would probably end up being chewed and become the benchmark of bacteria dangerous to your puppy’s health. You will finally need a basket where he can sleep.

Something To Chew On

A puppy with teeth will chew on anything that comes in, including your shoes, sofa or TV remote. To preserve your interior, it is best to provide some toys that your dog can chew. Choose toys that are adapted to the age and morphology of your dog and are safe to eat. In case of doubt, it is better to ask the seller of your pet.

Brushing And Washing

Get some brushing and washing. Even if a dog survives very well without being groomed and primed constantly, a bath from time to time is not a luxury.

Moreover, these moments are particularly important for a real relationship to be born between you and your pet. Indeed, a young puppy automatically combines grooming (washing or simple brushing) with his mother.


Visit The Veterinarian

Finally, once your puppy becomes acclimatized to you and his new environment, take him on his first visit to the vet. The latter will take care of vaccinations, worms, and other routine checks, of course.

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