Airedale Terrier


In the beginning, the Airedale was bred to be a working dog that could be utilised during World War One. They have their roots in England. Because they are the largest of the various terrier breeds, Airedales are frequently referred to be the “king” of terriers.

Breed Highlights

  • As terriers do, they love digging and barking.  Make sure you are up for that before acquiring one as they are very energetic.
  • They will need daily exercise to keep their energy levels at bay and to stimulate their minds, or they will become naughty and agitated.
  • They make great guard dogs, police dogs and guide dogs.
  • Playful and fun loving, they love the company of their humans and gets along great with kids, they make a great family dog companion.
  • They are loyal and protective of their family members.
  • It is important to socialise your dog from a young age to make sure no dominance display is projected.


The appearance of an Airedale that has been groomed by a professional is stunning. They have a thick outer coat that is coarse and wiry and is rough to the touch, and a thin undercoat that is very soft and serves as insulation and protection. On a consistent basis, at least once every six to eight weeks, grooming is recommended.

It’s possible to hand strip their coats if they’re going to be used for exhibiting, but if they’re just going to be a household pet, shaving is sufficient. In addition to being washed, dried, and having their ears cleaned and their nails inspected, they need to have their fur shaved into the breed-standard clip. Maintaining the flawless state of the coat requires not only frequent brushing but also frequent bathing in between grooming sessions.


They have a lifespan of about 11 years. Like most terriers, they are liable to suffer from hip dysplasia and skin conditions but are overall healthy especially compared to problems associated with other breeds.

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