5+ Best Animal Websites & Pet Blogs For Adults (2022)

The best way to learn about animals & pet care will be to visit or volunteer at a local area filled with cute animals, such as

  • zoo,
  • farm,
  • ranch,
  • vet,
  • shelter,
  • pet adoption center,

However, while a visit to a farm or zoo can be a terrific learning experience for mammals loving adults, families, students, and kids, this can be challenging to plan during the global pandemic.

So what else can you do so if you are a big animal lover and want to learn about animals at home?

Other than watching National Geography or Netflix for endangered wildlife & planet exploration-related shows, you can also support less mainstream animal websites and new pet blogs. Hear more personal stories of raising and helping animals you never heard of before, have fun, get educated, and kill time.

Here are some examples of cute animal websites, check them out and see if you like them!

Pet News Website

  • PetsPress.Net

PetsPress.net is an online press for pets & the people who love them! This pet news website celebrates all pets & animals and brings you the latest pet information and inspiration to help your beloved animals to live their best life.

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Aquarium Hobby Website

  • TheAquariumExchange.com

Want to build a better hobbyist aquarium, get the right equipment & enjoy your fish, corals, and invertebrates more?

TheAquariumExchange.com is an aquarium hobby website that is worth recommending to your friends as well as well-wishers interested in learning more about water aquariums in general.

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Cat Website

  • CatsDiscovery.com

CatsDiscovery.com is quite a personal cat website for those who enjoy more purrr-fect meowww-moments together. You can find a lot of cat information about different breeds, fun facts, jokes, resource lists, kitty food, kitten-friendly Christmas preparation, product reviews & cute quiz.

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Dog Website

  • BeagleDogGuide.com

BeagleDogGuide.com is for serious dog lovers who own or want to own a Beagle. It is not one of those “One-Size-Fits-All” generic pet websites that only offer a few scattered paragraphs about each dog species.

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Horse Website

  • GreatBooksForHorseLovers.com

GreatBooksForHorseLovers.com is not only about horse facts, but also horse books! It is the only website in the ‘book for horse lovers’ niche. The website covers all types of books for horse lovers, such as great horse books for children.

If you’re ready to get serious – or silly! – about horses and riding, check out this horse book website to start your great horse adventure today.

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What about birds, reptiles, polar bears, dinosaurs, insects, amphibians, land vertebrates, different types of weird animals & cute animal baby websites? Yes, I am looking for inspiration. Do you have some recommendations?

And of course, do not forget about my pet care blogs! I love animals and everything to do with them. 

Need even more inspiration? Click here to see 100 more animal website recommendations.

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