Annoying Dogs On Car Rides: Full Solutions That Actually Works! | Classroom For Dog Owners [year]

We all know that most dogs really enjoy an occasional ride in the car, but for a lot of people, it can be either very annoying or even a problem to take them in your car. From getting dog hair all over your seats to your furry friend being restless it can be very troubling. One solution to this would be to put your dog in a cage with some dog treats for the ride. A lot of people (myself included) hate putting their dogs in cages, so what I personally do is make my dog a small bed with a blanket or two in the backseat for him to set in. I will also set his favorite toy next to him as well as some tasty dog treats. Using this method makes it very much easier to take him places when it is necessary. I also have a family member who doesn’t mind holding my dog for long amounts of time, this is also a great help on long trips in the car.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you manage to take your dog along on car rides!

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