Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Hydrotherapy is one of the techniques used to soothe ailments and accelerating rehabilitation processes. If a few years ago it was suitable only for people, nowadays we find special centers where this therapy is applied in dogs, since it provides innumerable benefits for their health.

Through water, we can alleviate the muscular pains of our dog, as well as end obesity and calm the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Also, dog hydrotherapy is beneficial in the case of hyperactive dogs, since it has an important relaxing effect on them. It is also a great way to exercise for older pets.

Among other advantages, hydrotherapy reduces muscle swelling, stiffness, relieves muscle spasms, promotes blood circulation, improves the movement of the joints and strengthens muscles. It also provides a calming sensation about the dog, releasing its anxiety and avoiding problems of insomnia.

This activity is highly recommended in rehabilitation processes after an accident or an operation. The water allows improving the mobility of the joints without making great efforts. It is a therapeutic procedure that seeks the early recovery of the animal.

Hydrotherapy can be done in several ways. For example, in a swimming pool, where you can perform endless exercises; in underwater tapes, ideal in cases of rehabilitation; or in contrast baths, perfect for treating circulatory problems.

Depending on the severity of the problem and the ability of the dog to move, it can be suspended from a sling to facilitate the task.


This therapeutic process can only be carried out with the help of specialists and under the supervision of a veterinarian. We should never start it without first consulting with the expert, as it can be harmful for animals with serious affections in the kidneys, liver, skin, heart, or respiratory problems.

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