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Cats that live outside are constantly looking for warm places to rest their bodies, and the hood of your automobile provides them with the ideal environment for this purpose. However, discovering paw prints or scratches on your vehicle can be incredibly unsettling and, at times, even frustrating. You might use one of these alternative methods to avoid scratches. 

The two main methods to keep the cat off the car are:

  1. Using Cat repellant
  2. Preventing cat scratches

Using Cat Repellant:

You can use electrical or natural cat repellants to keep the offender away from your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a cat from the neighbourhood, a stray cat, or even your own pet cat.

  • Ultrasonic animal repellants:
    It may be a little expensive solution to keep away animals from your car. But this kind of repellant emits high-pitched sounds after sensing motion. These sounds are inaudible for humans but make animals, especially cats annoying without harming them, and cats run off the car.
  • Use of dry herbs:
    It is a very inexpensive method, but a very effective one. You can use dry herbs like lavender, rosemary or rue. The smell of these herbs irritates cats. You can switch off between herbs to choose a better one and can increase its quantity according to the requirements.
  • Cat repellant sprays:
    These are natural sprays that won’t damage your car’s paint. Initially spray it on the ground around your car and for more satisfactory results you can spray it on your car body also.
  • Cat repellant powders:
    Powdered cat repellants are chemical-free and organic that causes no harm to children, plants, and household pets.
  • Homemade cat repellant:
    You can make your cat repellant by using 4parts of water with 1part of Citronella. Or you can make it by mixing 1part of essential oil (like lavender, orange, or peppermint) with 3parts of water in a spray bottle to sprit around your car.

Car Scratches Prevention:

For the prevention of your car from scratches you can use some other methods also;

  • Remove food sources around your car:
    Simply clean up your yard or driveway to prevent the unwanted presence of cats or animals there. It is also possible that cats only sit on your car just because of the closer presence of food or prey around your car.
  • Cover your car:
    The easiest and cheapest method to protect your car is the use of a car cover. Zipping on your car not only protects it from scratches and paw prints; but from dust and harsh weather also.
  • Trim your cat’s nails:
    If you are facing this problem only because of your cat then trim its nails to avoid scratches on your car.

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