5 Best Choices For Guinea Pig Cages In 2021: Something You Must Know As Their Owner

Guinea pigs need to be kept active. They are also great fun and making a cage with challenges for them is a huge part of it. To choose a cage, a few things need to be considered:

Indoor Or Outdoor

 Really a matter of preference and/or part of the size consideration but outdoor ones have to be more robust and secure. Also a new guinea may have been used to being indoors so may need some acclimatisation indoors before being housed outside.

Size, Closed Or Open Top 

As with many pet enclosures, a simple rule applies, “the larger the better”. This is true for both the floor area but also to a degree for height. If closed at the top, then more tiers can be included, while if open the walls have to be “non-climbable” and more objects will be needed inside but not so close to the sides that they can act as jump-off ramps if the guinea is that way inclined.

Expansion Plans

If you’re planning to have more than one furry friend then the ability to expand the cage might be a consideration. Families can be housed, but competing males, if you can manage them, will require more space. Cages of the grid variety that can be clipped strongly together are designed for this purpose, and as added insurance, a good stock of cable ties or suitable clips should be purchased. Of course, open tops aren’t a good choice if Tiddles the cat can get in…


Both metal wire and plastic types of cage are available, but if choosing wire an appropriate plastic-coated version is advisable as guineas like to chew, and again the plastic coating won’t do them any good at all if they can bite it off and swallow it. The same considerations apply to toys and tunnels etc but usually these are of the right material when bought from any reputable supplier.

Toys And Interior Components 

The fun bit! Again the best material for ramps and floors etc is plastic, both for safety of your pet and because generally it is easier to clean.

Enjoy the ensuing fun!

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