Bottle In A Sock: Cheap Fun Games With Pet Dogs

Every pet owner will agree; sometimes we are all at a loss when it comes to keeping our dogs successfully occupied.  A lot of my clients come into the pet shop looking for a toy that their dog cannot chew through whilst still making a noise and that will still provide hours of fun.  And let’s face it: dog toys can be a huge expense in our budgets.  There are several good quality toys available on the market like Kong toys which are very functional and brilliant to use. 

But it is soul-destroying if you just paid top dollar for a good quality toy and it only lasts a few hours before it is completely destroyed and your dog comes back over to you looking for the next thing to do. The sad fact is that there are no toys that are indestructible.  All of the materials that are safe to use in toys are soft and do eventually break. Using steal is not a safe option so looking for a toy that doesn’t break is like looking for water that is not wet. So what on earth could you do?

I have the perfect brilliant solution! Take an empty plastic bottle.  Make sure to take the cap off and remove any other small plastic pieces such as the seal that came with the cap.  Next, do a search through your drawers for old socks.  Place the empty bottle inside the sock, give it a good knot, and bobs your uncle! Your canine companion will have hours of pleasure.  The soft sock will protect their mouth whilst the bottle inside will make a nice squishy sound and is soft enough to be chewed and thrown and you could also use it for fetch or tug of war. 

If you have a big dog you can use an empty two-liter bottle and if you have a small dog who will struggle to get its jaws around such a big bottle you can always use a smaller bottle.  Have a feel at the bottles, some are harder and some are softer.  So if you have a dog like a Staffordshire terrier with a strong jaw lock you want to go for a little bit stronger bottle whilst a toy poodle will be fine with a very flimsy not-so-strong bottle.  You can give yourself a pat on the shoulder for helping to protect the environment by creating toys with recycling.

Once your dog gets tired of playing with your bottle in a sock, you can up the stakes by placing some food inside the bottle before tying the sock back again.  If you want to create more sound, use some hard kibble, treats, or biscuits.  If you have a dog that does well searching and finding and was bred for its sense of smell, you can put something in that has a high smell and hide it to be found. Your dog will have hours of cheap fun.

One thing to watch out for is to make sure that playing with the socks does not teach your dog that it is okay to go through the laundry basket and start stealing socks.  Then again, very few things in life come without their risks. Happy playing!

Love from PetsMags.Com

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