Can You Bath Your Cat Or Kitten? Click Here To See Why | Pets General Knowledge [year]

A bath can be considered. The important thing is to use good products. It will complete the brushing and help maintain the beauty of your cat’s hair. Accustom your kitten very early to this “test” will make things easier! 

The cat does not have the same pH as ours. Also, if it is quite possible to bathe (or shower) her cat from time to time, this should be done only with the use of a suitable shampoo. Even the sweetest of shampoos for human babies are to be avoided.

Some shampoos are depending on the nature of the hair, their color too. There are also treating shampoos (antiparasitic), detanglers, beautifiers, etc. Laboratories and manufacturers have made tremendous progress and each master will find in the trade or at his veterinarian the product that best suits his companion.

As for brushing, the ideal is to get the kitten used as soon as possible. There are many dry shampoos, but they do not have the same “powers” as a good bath. But they can be reserved for sick or “rebel” cats!

Take good care of the reactions of your cat, because not very friend with the shower head, it may cling to your arm to escape. Claws cannot be excluded in these cases.

Try to create a “zen” atmosphere, a climate of confidence so as not to stress the cat, especially the first time.

Before bathing the animal, it must be brushed and combed and, if it has long hair, ensure that it is well disentangled.

The water will be set at 35-40 ° C and take care, as you would for a baby, to test the temperature yourself.

Start by wetting the cat completely, from the head (avoid eyes and ears) to the tail, then, using a sponge or by hand, rub it with the shampoo, avoiding that it also does not enter the eyes and ears.

If necessary, protect them with cotton. Insist on the legs, interdigital spaces. Rinse the whole body with lukewarm water, taking care not to leave shampoo. If necessary, repeat soaping and rinsing.

Once this is done, wrap it in a warm towel. Rub it vigorously, wipe it dry.

Dry it with a hair dryer set at medium temperature without getting too close to the cat’s device. Make sure the cat does not catch cold after bathing.

Indeed, a layer of sebum covers its skin and serves for its thermal regulation. But this protective film does not stand up to the soaps.

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