Choose A Hotel That Accepts Your Dog

Some hotels accept dogs in their rooms. Dog owners who like to share vacations with their pets know how important it is to find a hotel where they accept their furry friends. Therefore, there are more pet-friendly lodgings, which allow you to enjoy the rest days in your company. 

However, despite everything, it is advisable to take into account some tips before looking for the best Dog-friendly hotels. It is not strange to share the holidays of Easter, Christmas, or summer with your dog. In addition, there are varied options to spend the night near the dog

 Campsites, apartments, and houses for rent open their doors for animal lovers. The hotels have also been added to the dog-friendly movement and embrace the proposal to accept our pets in their rooms.

Hotels To Stay With The Dog

A dog friendly hotel is a private accommodation that accepts owners with dogs in their rooms. Often, the dog shares the same rest facilities that the establishment reserves for the owners.

Not all dog friendly hotels are appropriately equipped for the needs of our pet. This explains that it is advisable to travel with the recipients of our dog’s food and water. 

Introducing a quilted blanket or the usual bed of our pet among the luggage is another good way to avoid surprises, in case the hotel does not have adequate furniture for the rest of our dog. Some hotel chains have adapted to the special requirements of such a particular guest, such as a dog.


The Price Of The Night For Your Pet

Not all hotels that accept a dog as a guest charge for the pet’s stay. In other occasions, however, the fact of traveling with the dog can mean an increase in the room bill. The price per night per animal in a hotel is from 12 to 30 Euros, according to the “Guide for traveling with pets”.

Contact The Hotel Before Traveling With The Dog

Every day there are many hotels where our dog will be welcome. However, it is advisable to plan the trip with the pet carefully and take into account some tips to make sure that our four-legged friend will be well received in the holiday establishment.

Getting in touch with the people in charge of the accommodation is a good way to ensure that there will be no problems. Some establishments can hinder dogs of certain sizes. The travel manual for dog lovers advises to indicate “always” that we travel with our pet when making the reservation at the accommodation. This avoids uncomfortable surprises.

A Dog Friendly Hotel Accepts Owners With Dogs In Their Rooms

Other establishments may limit the stay of the dog at certain times of the year. This explains why it is advisable to plan the trip in advance with your friend and make sure that the chosen room is suitable for you, but also for your dog.

Good training and proper grooming of your pet are two important aspects that should be taken care of, especially when traveling with your dog. There are hotels that prohibit the entry of animals and change their minds before owners of animals cared for and educated.

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