Clicker Training For Hunting Dogs

Dog clicker training may be a rewarding and thrilling experience. Clicker training for dogs allows you to teach your dog new behaviours, raise the number of positive behaviours he currently exhibits, and reduce his undesirable behaviours all at the same time. It’s all about positive reinforcement training when it comes to sports.

Some pointers on how to get the most out of your clicker training sessions for hunting dogs are included in this article.

  • Let your dog discover how to do a behavior on his own.  You can coax or lure him into it, but never hold him there, or push him to do it.  Click for the accidental movements to achieve your ultimate goal.
  • Click for small steps in the right direction of your goal for the best in obedience training.    If you are teaching a complex trick, it may take your dog a while to learn it completely, so don’t wait to click until he has the whole thing correct.  He may get discouraged with the trick and the clicker.
  • Keep asking more from your dog during dog clicker training.   When you have good dog obedience from him, start asking him to do a little more.  For example, if you’re teaching stay, start increasing the time you make him wait where he is.  Don’t overdo it though.  If you want to keep your dog’s brain moving, asking him to do more things and do things longer will help keep your dog focused and create good dog behavior.    If you overdo how long or how much you ask a dog to do, he may get bored with what you’re asking and the clicker will become ineffective.
  • When your dog has figured out what exactly the clicker is, he will begin to start to do the behaviors you’ve been practicing without being asked.  This is good positive reinforcement.  He is trying to get you to click, so he gets a treat.  When you reach this point in your training, it is time to start giving verbal commands to the behaviors he is doing.
  • You can also start carrying a clicker with you and clicking behaviors he is doing that are cute, such as cocking his head.
  • Don’t associate scoldings with clicker training for dogs.   This will only promote dog behavior problems. Your clicker will become ineffective without you even knowing it.  Dog training is about the dog figuring out what behaviors you want him to do on his own.  Don’t be discouraged if your dog isn’t getting it every time.

Clicker training for hunting dogs is a lengthy process that requires patience and perseverance. Your dog learns the act on his own, and you click to praise him when he does it correctly. Clicker training for dogs can be a joyful and rewarding experience for both you and your dog, so enjoy yourself!

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