Dear Cat Owners: 4 Simple Rules In 2021 To Train Your Cat During COVID-19

Understanding The Behaviours

Find out what benefits your cat gets from bad habits. Cats are smart: they do not adopt a way of being without finding their profit. Your kitty jumps on the tables, chews your plants, and urinates on the carpets, bites: be sure that there is an advantage. 

Why does your cat pee on the carpet? He may have a health problem or his litter is too dirty. He bites because he has learned that this is the only way to get himself back on the ground. 

Tired of cleaning your cat carpet? A mat designed for cat owners may help you!

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Best Cat Mat For Cat Owners!

This cat mat catches litter as your cat climbs out of their litter box, trapping it and preventing it from being tracked across the floor or carpet, which can protect the flooring. Besides, it is very easy to clean – It traps all the dirt, debris, and litter particles that cling to the paws of your cats without spreading it around the house, and can be easily vacuumed, brushed, or scrubbed clean with water. Simply swish it with water and the mat is clean! The mat is also very nice looking, which looks like some sort of a welcome mat.

Looking For Reasons Behind

He jumps on a table because it’s the best way for him to watch the bird feeder through the window. The first step is to find out what benefit the cat gets from bad behaviour. This requires that you put aside any assumptions based on malice, willful destruction, stupidity or stubbornness.

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Changing Bad Habits

The approach seems simple; you still need to make sure that the behavior you favor is suitable for the cat. If your kitty claws on your armchairs, say that it is normal in a cat. It’s up to you to give him a post he can scratch on.

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Looking For Alternatives

If you do not want the cat to climb on the table, offer him a high perch that seems more convenient. If he jumps on the table to see the birds, install his new perch near the window. 

If he chews the plants, place them where he cannot reach them and replace them with plants he can eat safely. If he scratches your furniture, offer him a sturdy, good-sized stub, covered with sisal, which he will prefer to the couch.

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Best 1.7m Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground

The tall cat tree tower playground includes a variety of activities and entertainment to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated. The cat tree playground’s towering multi-level design encourages your cat to climb and exercise, and therefore motivates felines to live a healthier and more active lifestyle!

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Best 1.2m Tall Wood Cat Tree

It is elegant yet functional cat furniture that meets the daily activity requirements of your beloved cat! Your cat can relax (or play) in the cat tower’s cube, which has multiple exits. What’s more, it includes memory foam cat bed cushions that are soft and comfortable. One of the customers who bought this cat tree told us that the platforms are large that even adult cats can lie on them, and they are also very strong. Her cats love the memory foam cushions and are frequently found sitting on the top perch.

Rewarding Him

Rather than punishing your cat when he gives in to his bad habits, reward him when he adopts those you want to inculcate. A treat, a compliment, a toy, a caress, all assets of great educational value.

In short, look at his environment from his point of view, so as to understand what he is trying to tell you. It is by having a positive attitude that you will come to settle not only his current problems of behavior, but those that could possibly arise.


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