How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

It was probably necessary to wash dogs less frequently back in the days when they lived outside and harsh chemicals were used (I recall my grandmother using dishwashing solutions on her dogs!).

Living In Close Proximity

Even if we wanted to, there may not be enough space to keep our dogs outside in the present society we live in, where we have less and less space and where we are becoming more urbanised. Some people have to make do with just a balcony because they are confined to living in small flats.

As the years went by, our animals transitioned from being creatures who belong outside into more of our buddies and companions than animals whose natural habitat is inside. The chairs, sofas, and mattresses in our home are all shared with our pets. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you do not only wash your dog once or twice a year in the interest of maintaining their hygiene.

If left for such a long period of time, a lot of sweat and dander will build up.  Your dog will be really smelly and it will all rub off on your furniture, bed and clothing.  Parasites may go unnoticed and untreated and a lot of bacteria will be carried and rubbed off in your home.

PH Of Chemicals

In years gone by, chemicals were not as pet friendly as they are today.  Pet shampoo manufacturers have in recent years however, invested a lot of money to pay scientists to investigate the appropriate pH level of shampoos and conditioners to make it optimum for doggy skins.

These days a wide variety of shampoos are available, including “frequent wash” varieties which have ingredients such as aloe vera.  In the older days there was a valid argument for only washing your dog once a year because of the harshness of the chemicals it ruined the natural oils of the dog’s skin and dried it out and caused skin conditions. 

But in today’s age, you need not have any fears.  If you buy a good quality shampoo from a reputable company your dog’s hair and skin will be in safe hands

So How Often Then?

I would recommend washing your dog whenever he or she is dirty, but no more than once a week.  If you happen to be out and your mucky puppy gets into the mud, just lift him or her into a basin of water and rinse their paws and undercarriage if they have already been shampooed this week. 

Washing every day or every other day will indeed dry out the skin, no matter what good shampoo you are using.  If your dog is still clean and fresh smelling, there is no need to wash them.

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