How To Change The Brand Or Type Of Food Of Your Dog?

It may become essential for you to alter the diet that you feed your dog for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he is becoming older and requires a senior dog food, that your female is pregnant, or that he has a medical condition that demands a specific diet.

If you make too rapid of a shift to your diet, it may wreak havoc on your digestive system; thus, you should make the switch gradually over the course of seven to ten days, so that your body has time to adjust to the new enzymes and bacteria naturally.

  • Mix a small amount of new food with your current food or offer both foods separately.
  • Over a period of 7 to 10 days, gradually increase the amount of new food added, while reducing the amount of old food until it is completely removed.

Your dog may need some time to adjust to the changed consistency of the food if you go from feeding it wet food to dry food. In the beginning, he will almost surely chew more thoroughly, he will eat more slowly, and he will almost certainly need an increased amount of water.

If he goes from a dry food to a wet food, he may drink a little less and he may be surprised by the lack of crispness. You can mix some cookies with wet food to add texture. It is important to remember that a portion of dry food may seem smaller than a portion of canned food.

This is because dry food is usually calorie-dense, so your dog absorbs the same amount of energy in a smaller portion of dry food than with a larger amount of wet food.

If your dog refuses new food, even one recommended by your veterinarian, contact your veterinarian, as there may be a particular reason why it is difficult. Do not worry. There will definitely be an alternative food that you can try.

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