Important Elements For A Hamster – Caring and Keeping Them As Pets

Pet hamsters are available in a broad range of colours, such as the Syrian Hamster, and sizes, thanks to the development of dwarf hamsters like the Russian Hamster and the Roborovski Hamster. Although they are all mostly nocturnal, several species are also capable of being active during the day.

Some species are more tolerant of being handled than others, while others are more prone to bite on occasion. Additionally, some types need be kept in separate enclosures, so it is important to do some study if you are thinking about getting one of the less common sorts.

Hamster Care

The main concern with many hamsters, especially the larger types, is to keep them active when they are awake and not to overfeed them as they will become obese which is dangerous to their health and will shorten their lives considerably.

Longer-haired varieties need grooming with a brush while even the short-haired breeds moult and so are best wiped down regularly with a slightly damp cloth to remove loosening and dead hair.

Hamster Food

Commercial hamster food, whether in mix or pellet form, should be supplemented with small pieces of apple or green vegetable and this will be satisfactory. Supplements of vitamin or mineral can be added to the fruit when required.

From this standpoint hamsters are low-maintenance but care must be taken to check that food has been eaten and not simply hidden away in the bedding as hamsters tend to do, as it may rot and/or lead to infection.

Hamster Cages

Plastic cages or wire cages with plastic additions that simulate tunnels are enjoyed by pet hamsters. If using plastic, these parts should be checked regularly to make sure that the hamster hasn’t chewed through fastenings. Syrian hamsters in particular have this tendency.

The other drawback with all-plastic cages is that they do allow more build-up of condensation and heat. Their advantages include better protection from draughts and they also retain all the bedding that might escape other forms of cage.

Hamster Toys

In addition to the traditional hamster wheel which is a hamster’s case is better being of the more enclosed variety with at least one solid side, it is a good idea to include other entertainment for your pet hamster to encourage exercise.

Various forms of “cage within a cage” in the forms of plastic tube combinations which can be changed into new shapes periodically or nest-like toys allow your pet to be curious and/or burrow if he is of the appropriate type.

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