Is Your Doggy Giving Birth?

It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is; giving birth is an incredibly lovely experience. The miracle of life applies not just to people but also to every other living thing that lives on the beautiful green world that God created. Even though they do not have free choice or an intelligence as evolved as ours, their birthing processes are undoubtedly just as remarkable and beautiful as ours or those of any other species.

The labour and delivery process is a fascinating one to see, particularly when it involves canines. Puppies are without a doubt one of the most adorable things that you will ever have the opportunity to see in your lifetime. You are aware, however, that the fact that they are adorable does not imply that they can sustain themselves.

You have a responsibility as the dog’s owner to be knowledgeable about how to maintain the physical and mental well-being of your pets. The unfortunate reality is that a great number of newborn pups do not get enough nourishment, and as a result, they are born frail. You have the power to stop this, or at the very least give it a go. You need to have the ability to look after their needs.

Act Like Their Second Mother.

Sometimes their mothers would tend to move around a little. This wouldn’t be a problem if your puppies are about a month old already where they would be able to move around and open their eyes.

But if they’re still newly born to even a few weeks old, you’re going to have to either move the mother closer to them or you would have to move the puppies closer to their mother.

This is important because their mothers would provide them the warmth and milk that they would need to have to be able to survive and make it pass through this stage of their growth. If puppies feel cold and their mothers happen to be at a considerable distance away from them, you’re going to have to do something about it.

Being their second mother is no joke; it’s a very important job. Your puppies’ lives can actually depend on it.

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Give Them The Right Nutrition.

It’s important that the mother stays healthy all throughout her birth and even after it. She provides nutrition and sustenance for her puppies until they would be able to try and eat food for themselves.

And when they’ve grown big enough to be able to eat food for themselves, you’re going to have to feed them with the right nutrition for them to be healthy. Milk would be a great start. Just like a human baby, puppies definitely need some milk. It doesn’t take a lot of work

. All you need to do is check if the puppies are hungry or not. You can even leave the food behind if they’re not so hungry yet. Just make sure you place it in a spot where the puppies can easily find them.

Show Them Affection.

The way puppies behave can already be determined when they’re a few weeks old. You can determine if they’re playful, quiet, or affectionate. It’s important as well that your puppies know who their owner is as early as possible.

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