New Puppy Training In Cleanliness

This is not necessarily the first thing you think about when you adopt a puppy, yet training in cleanliness is a crucial step for both the animal and the owner. We give you some tips to cross it.

The Importance Of Starting Early

It is very difficult to re-educate a dog once it has become a bad habit, so it is important to do it as soon as possible. But early does not mean right away. 

Even if a puppy understands quite quickly (around 2 or 3 months) that he does not have to do his needs at the place where he sleeps, he will not completely control his sphincters (muscles allowing to be restrained) that from 4 months. Only then can he really become clean.

However, do not wait too long before starting this crucial phase that will condition the ability you will have to educate your dog afterward.

Indeed, a master who fails to teach his puppy cleanliness will have a hard time making him integrate other things later. The demotivation and the bad practices which persist will not allow the teacher to teach anything to his dog.


Toilet training can begin as early as 3 months. A puppy of this age already perfectly understands the orders that you send him. It is important not to wait too long to start implementing some good practices because as we said earlier, it is very difficult to rehabilitate a dirty dog.

Note that there is no serious concern to have before 7 or 8 months regarding the cleanliness of your puppy.

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During The Training

Take your pet out several times a day: after waking up, after every meal, after playing, and before going to bed. Once outside, an order from you must make him understand that he can relieve himself. Praise him if he does, ignore him if he does not.

It is important to tolerate small accidents. However, do not clean up in front of the puppy, it could make him believe in a game and encourage him to start again. It is useless to put his nose in it. The puppy does not feel any particular disgust for his excrement.

On the other hand, perceiving your repulsion, the next time it will go under a piece of furniture so that you do not see it. He can also eat his poop to make them disappear. Only scold him if you catch him in “flagrante delicto”, otherwise he would not understand why he is being punished and it would be pointless.


The time the puppy needs to be at home should be as short as possible, even if this period is unavoidable. Indeed, your puppy must be fully vaccinated before venturing outside.

If you live in a house, the newsprint technique is quite effective. Put your puppy on the newspaper when you notice that he needs to relieve himself. For that, it is enough to observe. A dog sniffing around him and starting to squeak is looking for a place to go.

 Once he gets used to relieving himself on newspaper, bring him gradually closer to the door until he is completely outside. Let another few days pass and then remove the newspaper.

 This should be enough to make the puppy understand that he needs to go outside. Of course, this technique cannot be used in an apartment, unless you want to teach your dog to do his needs on the landing.

In addition, it is important to follow a strict routine to allow your dog to learn to be clean inside and relieve himself. However, if you break this routine before the animal is ready, the learning will fail.

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