Nurseries For Dogs

The offer concerning babysitting has diversified: An option to consider if you cannot take your dog with you.

Animal services are constantly growing with the increase in the number of pets, especially in urban environments. The best known are probably groomers and educators / trainers. Do you know that the offer concerning the guarding has particularly diversified?

Whether for an hour or several weeks, you will most certainly find the solution of guarding adapted to your situation, so that your pet dog, not only will not be traumatized by your absence but will blossom.

Dog Wardens With Activity

Do you want your dog to spend physically and you do not have time to deal with it regularly? These providers can come to your home to pick up your dog and take him for 1 hour, 2 hours or more to make him a walk, running, education exercises, and initiation to sports (fly ball, Dog Disc, agility …).

The Nurseries For Dogs

You go out shopping, you have an important appointment, you have to miss a day and you cannot leave your dog alone at home. With or without an appointment, leave it in a city center. Your dog will be welcomed by professionals, meet other dogs and be entertained

Home Guards

Some companies offer to delegate a person who will come to your home one or more times a day to take care of your dog during your absence. The advantage is that the dog stays in his territory at home, thus avoiding unnecessary stress.

Guards At The Home Of Private Individuals

Another very personalized guard system. This time, your dog is welcomed at the homes of selected people, usually retirees and close to you. Your dog will be treated as the dog of the family, by animal lovers, having time to devote to him. Before you leave, you can talk about your dog and give your recommendations.

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The Kennels

More known structures, the kennels are managed by professionals of the dog. Yours will be in contact with many other dogs, which brings a lot in terms of socialization.

Pensions For Dogs

In this case, your dog will be welcomed by professionals, in structures generally welcoming a limited number of animals. Often activities will be proposed to your dog: outings / walks, games…

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Hotels For Dogs

These structures, rather upscale, offer to accommodate your dog in single rooms, with access to play areas. We can also offer your dog quality services: education, massage, sports outings, treadmills … You can even in some hotels, observe your dog from your vacation spot using a webcam installed in his room!

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Some Instructions Before Having Your Dog Kept

For all these solutions, it is essential that your dog is fully up to date with his vaccinations, whether he is identified or treated against parasites.

You can ask that your dog be fed with his usual kibble.

On your side, do not hesitate to visit the places before the reservation, to observe the conditions of cleanliness, the availability of the personnel, and to ask for the certificates of capacity delivered by the Prefecture.

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