Shave Or Brush For Your Dog?

To Shave Or Not To Shave?

A good groomer will never begin any treatment without first consulting the owner, and will never shave the coat without warning. Shaving can be done for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Most dogs find it to be a pleasurable experience in which they receive a great deal of attention, and it is not something that pet owners should be scared of. 

Some breeds look well with their heads shaved, while others should only be shaved if they have no other option. It’s also a good idea to get your pet acclimated to being handled because a creature that snaps, wriggles, or cries makes shaving without nicks more difficult.

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To maintain your dog’s coat it is recommended that you wash and de-matt often and brush the coat out daily.  If left unmanaged, big mats will develop which will leave you with two choices: a shave down or a coat with holes where the mats have been cut out.  If the coat becomes too long to manage and you still do not want to shave, a hand trim taking only a few centimeters off is a good idea.

Shaving for cosmetic reasons is up to each individual’s preference. Some shave in summer and opt for a longer coat over winter, some don’t like shaving at all and others find a shaved pet easier maintained and also more hygienic. Shaving can be done in different lengths and styles and it is a lot of fun to give your pet different “looks”.


Matted dogs are at a higher risk for getting skin infections, parasite infestations, and other related illnesses. They are also more likely to get injured in the grooming process including bruising and brush burns if you choose to try and de-matt a bad coat. Matted clumps of hair can hold water and this can cause your pet to catch a cold and become sick or cause hot spots, EVEN If it is an inside pet.

Your groomer will try their best if you wish not to shave your dog to save the coat, but if the mats are too bad they will advise you on a shave down. It is more humane to have a very badly matted pet shaved down. Your pet’s welfare is and should be your groomer’s number one concern! The length of the coat will largely depend on how tight the mats are. Worst case the mats are skin tight and at best a coat length of 3mm can be left.  The only consolation is that it will grow back.

Regular grooming will definitely ensure that matting will not become a problem for you or your dog.

How Often Should You Groom?

Brush your pet out yourself daily as part of your bonding experience.

To maintain a shaved/trimmed coat, re-shave/trim every 6-8 weeks.

“Dogs spread rumors, about good groomers”

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