Taking Care Of A Golden Retriever


As a result of the requirement for a dog that can retrieve through thick bushes, through heavy vegetation, and can brave the cold water, the Golden Retriever breed was bred.  They are a mix of Labrador and Newfoundland and were bred in Scotland. 

Today they are recognized as an independent breed and are being used for hunting and retrieving, but most popular they are used as family companions and guide dogs or assistance dogs.

Breed Highlights

They need daily exercise and human contact.  They are highly intelligent and getting bored will lead to behavioral issues.  They love being part of the family and are rarely aggressive towards other dogs.  They are very friendly.

Their enthusiasm and eagerness to play may make them incompatible with little children. Play lots of games that involve retrieving like throwing balls and sticks or hiding favorite toys.

8 Tips To Help Take Care Of Your Golden Retriever

If you have a little furry friend in your house, you will understand the need for taking care of them. Taking care of your dog is very similar to taking care of yourself and your family. This is the reason why you should be very careful with your dogs. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to this but it will be one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

How do I best take care of my dog? When it comes time to think of the best way to take care of your Golden Retriever, you should follow the following tips to ensure their good health:

Offer A Clean And Protected Environment

If you have a Golden Retriever in your house, you should know that hygiene is an important factor. The dog kennel must be free of dangerous elements – both visible like electronics and other harmful materials that could strangle or choke your dog,  and invisible dangers like germs.

Make sure you take care of the hygiene to ensure the health of your dog. This will enhance the quality of life for your dog and help them to live a long and happy life.

Make Fresh Water Available

Hydration is important for your Golden Retriever as well. Just like humans, dogs too need proper hydration. In order to keep the health and energy of your dog at an optimal level, you should keep your furry friend hydrated. Always leave a clean bowl of freshwater where it is easily accessible, out of the direct sun in a spot where it can stay cool and fresh.

Schedule A Visit To A Veterinarian

You should make sure you take your Golden Retriever for regular visits to a veterinarian. He can provide you with all the details regarding the health of your dog. He can give you a schedule for vaccination, perform the deworming act and keep the parasite of their body in control.

If you are traveling you might need additional vaccinations for your pet. If you find any symptoms of ill-health in your dog, you should visit a veterinarian without delay. If you are not present, you can ask your dog daycare to assist you with that.

Develop A Relationship With Your Dog

A healthy relationship between you and your Golden Retriever is very important. Dogs are one of the most social creatures and are very friendly if they are raised correctly. If you spend time with your dog doing things together, you will be able to develop a healthy relationship with him.

In such a case, you will be able to understand the needs of your dog effectively. If you have been busy with your work, you can ask any pet sitter to take care of your dog. Many companies can act as efficient dog sitters. It makes your pet feel that you give him care and importance even when you’re not around.

Feed Quality Food

You should not give any random things to feed your Golden Retriever. Overweight health issues in both human, as well as dogs, can prove to be a very real threat. Ask your veterinarian to prepare a diet chart with your dog and feed them accordingly.

If you have hired any dog daycare or pet sitter, you can ask them to follow the schedule. The diet chart prepared by your veterinarian will depend on the age, size, nutritional needs and breed of the dog.

Dental Care

Most of the animals undergo dental problems, either as they get older or due to health and diet issues. However, you can avoid that for your pet as far as possible.

The dental problems in animals can lead to serious health complications. These may lead to severe infections, which can lead to loss of teeth. Sometimes the infections can lead to serious cardiovascular problems too.

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Golden Retrievers have a thick wavy coat that needs daily brushing.  They tend to shed heavy twice a year, coming into the summer when they lose their heavy winter coat and coming into the winter when they shed their summer coat.  If they do not get brushed, the shedding undercoat gets matted up in the topcoat and will leave your dog looking very scruffy. 

In worst cases, if left too long, they only way to get rid of the mats is to shave them off.  Golden Retrievers should not be shaved, their coat are to be kept in the natural state.  When washing them, you can use a good doggy conditioner to nourish the hair and help with shine.


They live about 10 to 15 years and are overall fairly healthy compared to other breeds.  Like all large breeds, they can suffer with hip dysplasia and are prone to getting infections and poisoned because of their inquisitive retrieving nature to go sniffing everywhere.

Remember, your Golden Retriever isn’t just a dog but your friend. He is more than a family member to some, which is why you should take care of your dog in the proper way. To know more, you may ask for information and help from any of your pet health care providers such as your groomer, vet, pet shop or dog daycare.

They can help you with some essential tips for dog care. Also, keep in touch with professional aids like your veterinarian in case of emergencies. 

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