The Best Fine/Coarse Chrome Comb For Dog Grooming

When grooming your dog, brushing is part of the grooming regime.  When you have a short coated doggy you need not bother with anything more than a soft slicker brush.  When you have a long haired dog or double coated dog however, grooming becomes a bit more complex.  Whether you chose to use a professional groomer or not, to keep your pooch in immaculate condition, you will need to do some of the grooming and preparation work at home.

There are quite a few reasons, including getting wet and seasonal shedding, that will make your dog’s coat get matted.  If you don’t mind having a shaved-down dog then there is no panic.  But for those who like a bit of coat on their canines, this is quite a big concern. You can find lots more information and tips in our section on grooming.

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Best Chrome Electroplating Steel Combs For Pets

PREMIUM MATERIAL – Three (3) pack of stainless steel (chrome) combs – easy to use/clean/store. These are awesome to use as a guide for pet grooming with electric shears – it allows you to get close enough while trimming without nicking your pet or destroying the comb. Made of high-quality Chrome Electroplating Steel, these combs are very durable, and their teeth cannot be break or bent easily.

The best way is to brush preventative and keep the coat in such a condition that matting does not occur.  If it does happen however, there is a secret way to get rid of this.  Now it have to be said that if your dog is matted more than 30%, trying to dematt is nothing but cruel.  Please do not attempt this.  Shave down and start again.

The Method Of Knot Removing Is As Follow:

Start with your slicker brush giving vigorous strokes without hurting your pet.  If the soft slicker brush becomes stuck, use a matt splitter to break up the mats.  You can either pull the small pieces out by hand or try brushing them out again with your slicker brush.  Once your soft slicker goes through without getting stuck, change over to your chrome comb. 

The fine/coarse chrome comb that we are recommending works particularly well because it is as good as two combs in one.  Usually you would use a coarse comb after the slicker until it goes through the coat smoothly.  After this you will switch over to lastly a fine chrome comb until it goes through the coat smoothly.

At any stage of your method, if your tool gets stuck, move one step back to the previous tool and keep going until the fine side of your chrome comb can glide through your dog’s coat like a knife through butter.

There are a huge variety of combs available on the market. Combs are made out of steel, wood or plastic. Again, you can spend large sums of hard earned cash on combs that just don’t work. Be careful of combs with teeth more closely together.  They do not let any hair through at all.  Other combs you have to be careful not to purchase are combs with teeth too far apart, which does not catch any mats and knots at all. There are a few simple rules to follow when picking a comb:

  1. Long teeth for long hair and short teeth for short hair.
  2. Wide-spaced teeth are for thick hair and narrower teeth are for thin coats

The comb we highly recommend that got our 5 stars is the fine/coarse Professional stainless steel comb, widely used by professional groomers. This fine/coarse comb is 19 cm long with 3 cm long teeth. With this fine/coarse chrome comb you can use the coarse side until it does not get stuck anywhere and then move over to the other side of the comb, being the fine side.  No need for two different combs!

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