The Cost Of Keeping A Dog

The happiness and contentment that come with obtaining a new puppy or kitten are usually so overpowering that the majority of people are unable to think beyond that pleasure. The acquisition of a family pet and the upkeep necessary to ensure that they have a high level of living and quality of life requires a financial commitment. According to the data, the vast majority of pet owners grossly misjudge the amount of money that would be required to properly care for their animals. They do not consider anything beyond the need of providing the companion animal with nourishment.

The majority of household costs are comprised of veterinarian fees; however, lavishing your dogs with toys and treats, as well as having them groomed and cared for on family vacations, all contribute to an increase in the overall bill. Not to even mention the possibility that your pet can develop a condition that requires ongoing medication and treatment.

Statistic: Owner-estimated lifetime cost perception of keeping a pet dog in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2013, by cost in GBP | Statista

On average, a dog can live 12 up to 15 years and some live even longer.  During his or her lifetime, some expenses will be a once-off and others will be ongoing.

Once-Off Expenses

  • Neutering
  • Microchip
  • Primary vaccinations

Ongoing Expenses

  • Annual booster
  • Annual flea and worming treatments.
  • Vet Consultations
  • Boarding Kennels


  • Pet Insurance, annually Covers accidents, illness
  • Dog collars, beds, toys, treats

Initial Investment

When getting a new pet, your initial investment will be acquiring said new pet.  Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder that uses a good genetic stock to breed his animals.  Pets bred with bad genes will cost you nothing but money in the long run as they will be born with genetic diseases that will mean your dog will have a chronic illness that will rack up the vet bills in years to come.

You may have to pay a little bit more initially, but as the saying goes, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  If you are going to invest in a purebred dog, do as much research as you can to find a breeder with an impeccable reputation.


Much has been said over the years about the good health of a mutt, so if in doubt rather put the money you were willing to invest aside for pet insurance and get yourself a mixed breed from the pounds.

Veterinary Services

When you get your new pet, the first thing to do is to visit the vet.  Get a thorough check-up and start with the first set of vaccinations and a worm and flea treatment.  There are also additional vaccinations like kennel cough and rabies and if you are going to take your pet with you to travel, you will need a pet passport.  You can set a little bit aside each month or get pet insurance for your pets.

Pet Insurance

Ever thought about how difficult it would be to care for a family pet without the help of insurance for a pet? If starting to care for a family pet, the first thing to always remember is that there will definitely be problems that can develop. Tending to and raising a pet is among the most difficult tasks you might ever carry out, which is the reason you should be really ready for it when you set your mind to do the job. The initial thing you should do is prepare the pet insurance for all that your pet may go through.

Though you may focus on a young pet, you will already go through plenty of difficulties. There are tons of vaccines that you should give to your pet except if you want it to become the regular malnourished pet that the veterinarian sees. Knowing it is getting its injections properly and consistently will ensure its physical condition and limit responsibility on your part.

As our pet ages, you have to make certain that its physical condition is now being increased. In looking after your pet, be sure that it meets the specified nutritional intake each day, specifically on calcium minerals to help strengthen its bones. Water is also crucial in the existence of a pet, primarily since their temperature is greater and they can be more aggressive.

Caring for anyone, particularly a domestic pet, can be very demanding, so in case you have no idea what you are doing, better stop and take the time to analyze first. Try to see first if you possibly could take care of everything required for pet care before getting a creature. Furthermore, you also have to be sure that insurance for a pet is in place so that you can have no a tough time protecting the life of your domestic pet when the time comes.

Pet insurance is a very good idea to have for your pet.  Shop around for cost, terms and conditions.  Note that most have an excess as most insurance policies do.  This means that your insurance will only cover claims that are over a certain amount, and these more than often do not cover your annual vaccinations and parasite treatments.

 However, if your pet gets seriously ill and needs surgery and hospitalization, this can run up to thousands and will be covered by your pet insurance.  it usually costs only a small amount per month and can be paid by direct debit.

Preventative Treatments

Your pet will need to be worm and flea treated throughout the year to keep them healthy and from getting sick.  You will also need the odd supplement to their diet to make sure they get the necessary vitamins to keep them healthy.  These can be bought from your veterinary clinic or a reputable pet store.

Training Classes

If you want to have a well-behaved pooch it is advised to invest a few bobs in obedience training classes.  You could buy books or DVDs.  You can also join puppy training classes that are done in a group setting, or get a professional trainer to give you one-to-one time.


Any time you go away, your pet will be a concern.  If you take them with you on holidays you have to make sure your pet passport is up to date and that your holiday destination is pet friendly.  There will be a charge for your pet’s accommodation.

If you leave them at home, you will have to pay for a boarding kennel or a pet sitter.  Make sure you find somewhere with a very good reputation.  Again, rather pay that little bit extra to make sure your pet is well looked after than pay a lower price at a place with no or not-so-good reputation.


Beds and Toys

Beds and toys are an ongoing expense as they get chewed up and need replacement regularly.

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