The Magic Curved Soft Slicker Brush For Your Puppy

Soft Slicker Brush

We polled a few salons to find out which brushes work and which don’t. Everyone agrees on one thing: the soft slicker brush is the clear favourite. Only the slicker brush is used in some salons.

But why is brushing your dog so important? In short-coated canines like Jack Russell terriers, brushing the hair will eliminate dead material. Brushing long-coated dogs on a regular basis will prevent mats and knots. Slicker brushing also rubs the skin, releasing natural skin oils that are healthy to the coat.

You may have also observed that when you brush your pet’s hair, it takes on a gorgeous shine. Brushing causes sebum, an oil held in a sebaceous gland at the base of the hair follicle, to be released and dispersed throughout the coat. Brushing your dog’s coat will help it stay healthier.

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Best Grooming Slicker Brush For Pets

Best doodle brush Evah! BUY IT NOW!!! – Best doodle brush on the market, aside from the wide les pooches brushes. They are well worth the money if you own a doodle or any other long-haired poodle mix, OES, BRT, schnauzer, etc. Any curly long-haired breed.

Different Types Of Brushes

There are a huge variety of different brushes and you can spend a lot of your hard-earned cash investing in brushes that just do not work.

Brushes that are available on the market that we just would not recommend are

  • Soft bristle – these brushes have bristle that are too soft to remove any dead skin and it does not remove any mats or knotted hair. It simply smoothes over the coat.  It is great for spreading the healthy oils over the coat, more like a shining brush.
  • Wire pin bristle – wire pin bristle brushes have wires with little protective cushions on the edges of each bristle, almost like the head of a needle. Whilst it is in principle a good idea if you think it will protect your dog’s skin from getting brush burn or puncture wounds, it also makes the brush totally useless.  It does not aid in shining the coat and it does not help to remove knots.
  • Rubber curry – this is great as a massaging tool and might remove the odd few dead hairs. Great to get a puppy or a kitten use to getting brushed but other than that, don’t waste your time.

Why Is The Soft Slicker Brush So Great?

The soft slicker brush has a relaxed pin cushion and the pins have a special bend near the ends.  This helps to create lift and movement so the brush picks up more hair than a normal brush. Also, the fact that the pincushion is soft and the pins bent makes it super safe to use on any dog. 

The length in the pin helps the brush to penetrate through long coats. The motion it creates will cut your brushing time needed by at least half.  The lightweight colorful design has a non-slip handle and ergonomic design.  You will notice the back is curved. 

This is to allow more control and help with smooth movement whilst brushing.  The long smooth handle reduces stress on the hand and arm reducing any tiredness from brushing.

Soft slicker brushes can be used for any pet whether they have long or short hair, whether they are puppies or old dogs and it works especially well for animals with extra sensitive skin. Perfect for regular, daily brushing!

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