Tips For Caring And Keeping A Bearded Dragon | Lizard Knowledge Under COVID-19

The bearded dragon is a beautiful and huge reptile that makes an excellent pet. The bearded dragon may be tamed while it is still young by being made accustomed with handling in short sessions. After some time, the bearded dragon will become a loving and non-aggressive pet that will frequently allow you to feed it by hand if you do this.

Bearded dragons are also given baths, which means that handling is often appreciated as long as it is not done for an excessively extended period of time at any same moment. In addition to being considerably friendlier than an adult green iguana, the bearded dragon is also smaller, reaching to a length of just under two feet. This makes them one of the simplest big lizards to maintain as pets since they are one of the smallest large lizards.

Living Environment

The base of the terrarium for a bearded dragon should be kept dry but can simulate either a desert or a woodland habitat, using rocks and sand or rocks and bark or cork substrate respectively. Beardies will both climb and burrow, will require a shallow water dish and eat both plants and meat.

Size Of Terrarium

Terrariums should measure 40×20×20 inches for a single dragon, and an absolute minimum of 60×25×25 inches for a group of one male and two females. Males should be kept separately as they are territorial and will fight over habitat and females.

If keeping more than one dragon in a terrarium, then providing more than one basking area and several feeding areas is definitely advisable, to reduce the likelihood of squabbles and also make sure all the occupants get enough to eat.

Commercially available foods are the easiest and a good option for beardies as they give them the right balance in their diet, which can then be supplemented by meat. Meat should form a substantial part of their diet.


The terrarium should be able to be heated to a range of between 86 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit using full-spectrum lighting. This can be supplemented using an under-floor heated pad.

Any waste from bearded dragons should be removed frequently as they are greedy and will produce quantities, which can be a source of infection to these friendly pets.

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