Tips On Caring And Keeping A Russell Terrier In 2021 | Pet Keeping Knowledge

Russell Terriers are actually two different breeds in most countries but there are mixes of the two as well. The Parson Russell Terrier, from about twelve inches in height, is taller than the Jack Russell Terrier. Bred for hunting originally, they are very energetic and need plenty of exercises.

They also benefit from a lot of variety as most of any behavioral problems with this breed arise from being bored. Although they are loyal and friendly pets, they usually do not enjoy too much cuddling or being still for any length of time.

Grooming A Jack Russell Or Parson Russell Terrier

Both breeds have two coat varieties, a smooth and a rough coat. Both are actually easy to groom, slightly more effort being required for rough coated, but the rough coat does not tangle so does not present the problems common to long-haired dog breeds.

The rough coat should be harsh, as it protects against cold and/or wet environments. Many owners of rough coated Russell Terriers like to pursue the idea of stripping the rough coat, especially for showing. While the coat is shedding, this can be done using a stripping knife or by plucking out dead hair by gripping it between finger and thumb. This does not affect the dog because it is during the shedding season and much of the hair is naturally more loose at this time.

Other Aspects Of Care

There is nothing particularly different about bathing, dental care, eye, and ear care, nails, etc., for a Russell Terrier from any other dog, except that, given the independent traits that these breeds exhibit more than many others, which with these can become a habit very quickly, it is clearly best to start as soon as possible. You can also expect to have to be more persistent and patient with these feisty dogs before they become the great pets they should be!

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