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Russell Terriers are classified as two distinct breeds in most countries, however there are several hybrids of the two kinds as well. The Parson Russell Terrier is about twelve inches taller than the Jack Russell Terrier when standing at its full height. They were originally bred for hunting, so they are quite lively and need a lot of exercise.

They also benefit from a high level of diversity, since the majority of behavioural issues associated with this breed are caused by boredom. Despite the fact that they are loyal and sociable pets, they are not fond of being cuddled excessively or remaining motionless for long periods of time.

Grooming A Jack Russell Or Parson Russell Terrier

Both breeds have two different types of coats, a smooth coat and a rough coat. Both are quite simple to maintain, with just a minor increase in effort necessary for rough coated dogs. However, since the rough coat does not tangle, it does not offer the challenges associated with long-haired dog breeds.

Because it protects against cold and/or damp surroundings, the rough coat should be rough and coarse. When it comes to rough coated Russell Terriers, many owners are interested in the thought of removing the rough coat, particularly for displaying purposes. While the coat is shedding, this may be accomplished with a stripping knife or by plucking off dead hair by squeezing it between the index finger and the middle finger. Fortunately, since it is shedding season and most of the dog’s hair is naturally more loose at this time, this has little effect on the dog.

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Other Aspects Of Care

Nothing about caring for a Russell Terrier is particularly different from caring for any other dog, except that, because of the independent traits that these breeds exhibit more than many others, and because these traits can become a habit very quickly, it is clearly best to begin as soon as possible. Taking care of a Russell Terrier is similar to taking care of any other dog. As a result, you may anticipate to have to be more persistent and patient with these feisty dogs until they develop into the wonderful companions that they deserve to be!

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