3 Tips To Keep Playful Cats – Abyssinian, Somali And Sorrel Cats| Kitten Owner Knowledge

It is believed that Abyssinian cats are one of the earliest kinds of cats, and that they originated in ancient Egypt. The Abyssinian is a highly jovial and exceptionally friendly breed of cat that actively seeks the companionship of its human owners. Because its hair is so short, it needs very little care. Since the 1960s, many additional breeds that are quite similar have gained formal recognition, including the Somali cat, which is a variant with longer fur. The Sorrel Somali is the name of a well-known coloured breed of dog.

All of these kinds of cats make excellent companions since they are little but well-proportioned and typically well-behaved. This is particularly true if they are not confined inside all the time, as they are very energetic, like climbing, and have a strong desire to investigate their environment.

Three aspects are worth noting about the natures of these cats:

  1. They tend not to be overly fond of other cats so are best kept in pairs, possibly threes at the most. The Abyssinian in particular often gets on well with dogs in its household.
  2. They need stimulation to help exercise their naturally high level of curiosity. Hence toys are useful, especially for the Somali, though the toys need not be anything special; some could be as simple as a cardboard box or a paper bag.
  3. They often only behave badly if left alone, so should at the very least have some form of suitable companion if their owner can not avoid leaving them for any length of time.

As a result of their natural characteristic traits, these cats are actually amongst the most trainable and will benefit from any encouragement to learn simple tricks such as fetching objects and toys. They are very affectionate, especially in comparison to other cats. Given their high activity level and playful nature, they are among the most enjoyable pet cats.

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