Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For Animal Charities

Collections At Local Sports Matches

You will need some volunteers for starters.  Then you will need to contact the sports clubs in your area and ask them if you can do a collection before the start, at half time and again at the finishing of the game. 

If they agree you can announce it all over the social media.  Make sure you dress in a way that will stand out and draw attention.

Collections At Service Stations

Dress in your charity’s unique clothing or any other clothing that will the draw attention, maybe a dog mannequin suit??  Make sure you contact and ask the service manager for permission first and if you get the go-ahead make sure that you are not obstructing the flow of cars coming and going in to the service station.

Collections At Train Stations

Again, you will have to seek the permission of the train station service manager first and either stand in a spot allocated to you or if you can pick, pick a spot where you will not stop the free flow of passengers coming and going

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Bag Packing At A Local Supermarket

You will need a few willing and able bodies. Then you will need to speak to the local supermarket manager to book a day for your charity. They book up fairly fast so you will need to make arrangements well in advance.

Collections At Local Supermarkets

You can combine collections with bag packing, or do them separate on separate occasions.  For collections you will not need as many volunteers as for bag packing.

Community Games

You can hold Quiz night at the local pub or a bingo night in aid of your charity.  It is usually great fun and everyone loves to get involved and have a good time.

Set Up An Online Donation Form is a fantastic tool that you can use on your website or post a link on your facebook page to your paypal link for people to make donations.  It does not have to be a set amount, there is a special donate button where people can donate any amount they wish.

Dress Down Day

You can get local schools or businesses involved by asking them to swap their normal uniform wear for a day of free dressing in whatever they wish, in return for a donation to your charity.

Partner Up With Other Events

If there are local events like cake sales or summer festivals or even local dances you can partner up with those events to let them allow you to collect while the event is in full swing.

Ask For Donations Instead Of Gifts

You often hear at funeral arrangements that the family asks for a donation to a chosen charity rather than buying flowers. You can also get people to ask for donations to your charity rather than unwanted presents.

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