What Is The Correct Dose Of CBD For My Dog?

Since CBD is a powerful compound, careful dosing is crucial for pets and several factors have to be taken into consideration. As much as a good dosage will produce benefits, an overdose is less than ideal. It is advisable to read more about dosages, but to get you started, below we will share some useful information to guide pet owners on the use of CBD for dogs.

Types Of CBD products For Dogs:

Research on CBD for pets dates back several years. Most products are available as oils, capsules or treats. All products produced by reputable companies will usually come with dosage instructions and it is important to remember that smaller dogs will need a smaller dose than larger dogs.

When To Give CBD

CBD is safe to use on your dog and is beneficial in relieving pain, inflammation and anxiety. Other ways in which CBD can help your dog is the reduction of seizures and other neurological disorders, promotes a healthy, shiny coat and eliminates itches from dry skin since it regulates the production of sebum. CBD can also be administered as a natural supplement to help maintain the wellbeing of your pet.

Dogs undergoing treatment for cancer are relieved of many symptoms of the disease and its treatment and research has shown that in some cases it helps reduce the cell size in tumors. Nonetheless, if your dog needs antiemetic relief and an increase in his appetite, CBD is the perfect treatment.

Dosage Basics

CBD oil dosages will depend on the type of product and your dog. You need to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Symptoms or illness to be treated
  • The strength of the CBD product

CBD oils are administered in drops and the bottles usually have dropper lids to make administration easier. The indicated dosage will be between 1mg to 5mg for every 10 pounds, twice daily for dogs suffering pain. The dosage for a 90 pound dog will be from 9mg to 45mg.

Depending on their condition, your vet might recommend its use to four times per day.

On the other hand, CBD capsules usually contain between 5 and 20 mg of CBD. The recommended dosage is one capsule, taken once or twice daily, depending on the treatment.

CBD dog treats vary in concentrations and consumers should read the instructions on the package for dosages.

Most vets recommend that you start with the lowest dosage referred to on the packaging of any CBD products in order to see how your pet responds, and then to adjust as needed. The effects of CBD on puppies have not been established yet, so it’s best to ask for advice from your vet.

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Safe Administration Of CBD

Since the effects of CBD take about 30 minutes to kick in, don’t expect immediate results and don’t be tempted to give more CBD until it’s time for the next dose. Even though it will make your dog sleepier and more relaxed once its effects start, keep a close eye on them. If you notice anything unusual, like vomiting, loss of appetite and an abnormal state of lethargy, contact your vet immediately.

CBD Side Effects

It is very rare for pets, like humans, to have any adverse side effects from the moderate use of CBD, but it is best to be cautious and aware.

Always give the correct dosage. Be wary of where you purchase your pet CBD products from, not all companies are created equal. The FDA has already issued warnings to companies making false claims and some products tested actually contained no CBD oil. These were not unsafe for consumption but had misleading labels.

Ensure that products you purchase are made from locally grown hemp product, as imports have proven to contain toxins.

By researching and getting the best quality product you will be offering your furry friend the best care possible.

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